Add Custom 3D Models to GTA V

User Guide

Learn how to install and use Map Builder to create custom maps. View the tutorials.

Patron Exclusives

Exclusive 3D assets, early access, discord roles, VIP status, BTS, and more is available for patrons.

Resource Packages

Each Map Builder resource package contains a collection of 3D assets.

Limited Time - Builder Box

Download a new Builder Box on the first of each month for a limited time.

Available for all patrons as a recurring bonus.


Available limited time 1st - 5th of each month.



Download the FREE Map Builder resource package.

  • Vol.1 - Discovery (Resource)

  • Singleplayer & Server Resources

Includes 670 3D assets for creating maps.



Builder Pass

Access the entire Map Builder V catalog with the Builder Pass.

  • All Resource Packages (Discovery, Premium, Editions, & Elite)

  • Map Builder V Database

  • The Latest Updates

  • Singleplayer & Server Resources

  • Monthly Content Updates

  • Vol.1 and Vol.2 - Remastered and Enhanced

Includes over 2,100 custom 3D assets for creating maps.

Vol.1 / Vol.2 / Vol.3 / Vol.4

FREE Download
PATRON Download - Builder Pass
Vol. 1 - Discovery (Resource)
Vol. 1 - Discovery (Resource)
Vol. 2 - Premium (Resource)
Vol. 3 - Editions (WIP Resource)
Vol. 4 - Elite (WIP Resource)
Monthly Updates
670 3D Assets
2,100+ 3D Assets
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Discord Benefits

Exclusive Discord benefits available for all patrons.

  • Builder Crew Patron Role

  • Customer Support (Directly From Developer)

  • Exclusive Discord Channels

  • Behind The Scenes & More

Link your Patreon account to Discord for exclusive roles.

Blue Smoke

Main Features

2,100+ Custom 3D Assets

Unleash your creative side with an arsenal of over 2,100 building, terrain, and interior assets.

Monthly Updates

Updates release every month with new assets for the Vol.3 and Vol.4 resource packs.

Advanced Collisions

3D assets react naturally to the surrounding environment. Tire Tracks / Terrain Friction Settings / Haptic Feedback / Bullet Holes / Effects & More

Singleplayer & Servers

Each update runs through singleplayer and our test servers before release. Map Builder V is XML and YMAP compatible.

Work In Progress

Map Builder V features a massive collection of 3D assets, which expands each month. The project improves with each passing update.

House Builder

Seamlessly create houses and other structures using our diverse set of building tools.

Featured Assets:

  • Walls / Floors / Ceilings / Windows / Doorways / Exterior Extensions / Trim & More