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Installation Guide

Users can install Map Builder V resource packages to Singleplayer and Custom Servers. Follow the guide below to install the resource packages that you choose.

Singleplayer Installation

Basic Requirements

Map Builder V has a few basic requirements. Install each of these before installing Map Builder V resource packages to Singleplayer.

  • OpenIV - Install OpenIV and check your GTA V main folder for the OpenIV.asi file.

Placement Editor Selection

Map Builder V requires at least one placement editor for creating maps. We highly recommend using Map Editor for beginners. Research each and make your selection from the officially supported editors below.

  • Map Editor - Map Editor is a good tool for creating custom maps in-game. (Recommended for beginners)

  • Menyoo - Menyoo is a good tool for creating custom maps in-game. (Recommended for intermediate)

  • CodeWalker - CodeWalker is a good tool for creating custom maps outside of the game itself in another program. (Recommended for professionals)

Advanced Requirements

Additional requirements may be needed if users experience the game crashing. Users will need to install a modified gameconfig file of choice.

  • Modified Gameconfig - Installing a modified gameconfig will bypass the scripted resource limitations. (fix crashing)

  • Object Spawn Unlocker - (Optional) Install to validate more objects in Map Editor. (Note: Some game objects may crash the game or be invalid. Do not mistake these with Map Builder V assets. All Map Builder V assets work when installed.)

Installing Resource Packs (Singleplayer)

The OIV package installation method installs the resource automatically. Install the requirements, then install the OIV file using the instructions below. (Skip the "Manual Install" section if installed successfully.)

Singleplayer OIV Installation:
  • Download Resource Packs of choice. (Discovery, Premium, Editions, Elite)
  • Start OpenIV with Edit Mode enabled.
  • Install OpenIV.asi for first-time use.
  • Drag the downloaded OIV file into OpenIV. (Do NOT extract manually)
  • Click Install* in the package installer window.
  • Select "mods" folder in the next window.
  • Installed for Singleplayer. Repeat the process for updates and additional resource packs.
Manual Installation:
  • Manual installation instructions are included with the manual resource package downloads.
Install your ymap files to the end of the custom_maps DLC. (Included with Map Builder V resource packs)
All assets are automatically added to the end of your ObjectList or PropList.
What can cause my game to crash?
  1. Incorrectly installing Map Builder resource packs.
  2. Using an old game version.
  3. Installing other "dlcpacks" based modifications with Map Builder overloads the games available resources.
  4. Installing graphics-based modifications or the RageHook plugin.
  5. Some other modification is interfering with the installation.

Custom Server Installation

Installing Resource Packs (Servers)

All resource packages are compatible with custom servers. Install each server resource package using the instructions below.
Server Installation:
  • Download Resource Packs of choice for servers. (Discovery, Premium, Editions, Elite)
  • Extract .zip folder
  • Create a "resources" folder in your server data root if you do not have one already. (ex: root contains server.cfg)
  • Add all folders provided to your "resources" folder. (ex: mb_discovery)
  • Open your "server.cfg" file in your server data root then add the folder names to the start command and save.
[EXAMPLE] - server.cfg
# Only change the IP if you're using a server with multiple network interfaces, otherwise change the port only.
endpoint_add_tcp "" endpoint_add_udp ""
start mb_discovery
start mb_editions
start mb_premium
start mb_elite
  • Restart your server to begin streaming assets
  • Done. Reinstall after each Map Builder V update.
Important Installation Notes!
  • Invisible assets - Installing resource packs incorrectly / Missing required resource packs for the map / ymap file failed to convert the hash code to the name of the assets.
  • Missing folders - Each of the four available resources has a folder. You may not have all of the folders, depending on your selection.
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