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Gameplay Walkthrough

The following gameplay walkthroughs will show you how to use Map Builder assets in Map Editor, Menyoo, and CodeWalker.

Map Editor Gameplay

  • Start GTA V - (game starts)

  • Press "F7" or "R3 + LB" - (menu opens)
  • Select "Enter Map Editor" - (activates map editor camera)
  • Press "F" or "Y" - (opens props menu)
  • Scroll to the bottom of the list - (map builder props are added to the bottom)
  • Check if props load into the game - (make sure props are valid)
  • Ready!

Menyoo Gameplay

  • Find Prop List - (GTA V main folder > menyooStuff > PropList.txt)
  • Locate Map Builder props - (located at the end of the PropList.txt)
  • Start GTA V - (game starts)
  • Press "F8" or "RB + Left" - (menu opens)
  • Select "Object Spooner" - (opens editor menu)
  • Activate "Spooner Mode" - (activates menyoo camera)
  • Select "Spawn Entity Into World" - (opens entity type menu)
  • Select "Object" - (opens object menu)
  • Select "SEARCH" - (opens search)
  • Type in the Map Builder prop of choice - (name needs to be exact to work)
  • Check if prop loads into the game - (make sure prop is visible and valid)
  • Note: You can create a favorites list to avoid retyping in the search.
  • Ready!

CodeWalker Gameplay

  • Start CodeWalker
  • Click "<<" at the top right - (menu opens)
  • Select "enable mods" and "enable dlc" checkbox - (prepares dlc activation)
  • Select "mapbuilder" as the "dlc level" - (activates dlc props)
  • Press "T" to toggle toolbar - (toolbar opens)
  • Open "project window" from the toolbar - (project window opens)
  • Select "file / new / ymap file" from project window - (activates new map)
  • Click "add entity" from the toolbar
  • Type the name of a prop into "archetype" space - (name needs to be exact to work)
  • Note: Refer to ObjectList for props (GTA V main folder > scripts > ObjectList.ini)
  • Note: Map Builder props are located at the end of ObjectList.ini
  • Note: If models are invisible go to options in right side toolbar and enable "Show proxies"
  • Ready!
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