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2022 Midway Updates

Hello everyone. Here we are halfway through 2022 with several significant updates. Learn more below.

Simple Website Redesign - Summer 2022 Update

The feedback for the previous website design was mainly positive. A handful of users complained that they could not find the downloads. In this update, we aim to improve the technical aesthetics of our site. We bring a much cleaner and less confusing design. Download buttons are easily visible to everyone, as well as text on each page. We added a new font with a high readability rating and much more.

Map Builder V - File Organization

The free download now includes the OIV, manual, and server versions in a single download. Patrons can find all resource packages and the latest database in a single post. The file organization updates make it easier than ever to find your downloads.

Map Builder V - Update Switchup

During the first half of 2022, we focused on the next generation of house and building creation. Now that we have established the foundation for what's possible, it's time to take things up a notch. Many variations of the house and building tools are yet to come. However, during the final half of 2022, we will take a new direction. It's time to go beyond the walls of your creations and make something unique.

Map Builder V - Builder Box

Beginning in August 2022, all patrons will have access to bonus content on the first of each month. This offer is available limited time between the first and fifth of each month. Become a recurring patron during this time and get exclusive 3D assets and more.

Thank you, patrons, for being part of the Builder Crew. The best is yet to come. Let's keep building together!

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