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Computer Speakers (3D Model)

A New Beginning:

The first 3D Model in open formats is available now. We start with a sleek and minimalistic pair of modern computer speakers. They come in white and black texture variations with realistic details in every pixel. The formats available for this 3D Model are OBJ, FBX, and glTF. 8K resolution textures, UV mapping, and materials are included.

Important Note:

As I mentioned in a previous post, these open-format models will not work in GTA V without converting them yourself. You can use open-format models in any project royalty-free after a single purchase. A project can be a game, video, physical creation, game mod, educational project, etc.

Pricing 3D Models:

Pricing will differ now that the 3D models are accessible beyond a videogame mod. 3D model pricing depends on complexity and similar markets.

Get ready for the first wave of 3D Models coming throughout the weeks ahead. Thank you patrons for getting us to where we are today. Let's keep going!

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