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Map Builder Editions - Update 16

Released July 16, 2021

Map Builder 1.16.0


Map Builder Editions Reworked

Map Builder Editions has been completely reworked from the ground up. Server optimizations, singleplayer and server versions, file size reduction, and more.

  • Map Builder Database - July 2021

  • Omega Edition > Extras + Unreleased Archive - 50+ Unreleased Assets

  • Ultimate Edition > MBE Singleplayer 4K - 4K Textures

  • Deluxe Edition > MBE Base Content + All DLC - 15+ DLC's

  • Standard Edition > MBE Base Content - Base Content 1,400+

Update 1.16.1 - July 23, 2021

Manual install options are available for select Map Builder versions. The latest Database is now available for the latest game version as well.

  • Database July 2021 B - Compatibility for the latest game version.

  • Standard Edition - Manual install option with updated database. 1.16.1

  • Deluxe Edition - Manual install option with updated database. 1.16.1


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