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Map Builder Editions - Update 19

Released November 20, 2021

Map Builder Editions 1.19.0


House Creator DLC

Map Builder Editions Update 1.19.0 brings the first next-gen House Creator assets. The update features new walls, doorways, and floors. The new walls have crown molding, and baseboard applied to them. All models have detailed collisions based on their specific type. The game will naturally adapt to these collisions based on your actions. Try it out for yourself by shooting the models or driving a vehicle on them. Much more is coming soon as we prepare for updates in 2022. Also, look out for the final update of 2021 coming in early December. Thank you, patrons. Happy Holidays!

  • Map Builder Database - September 2021 (Compatible with Update 19)

  • Map Builder Editions - House Creator DLC


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