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Map Builder V Addons - Roads 2.0

Map Builder V Addons - Roads 2.0 (January 2023)

The new Roads 2.0 update is available now for download via 2023 Monthly Updates. Roads 2.0 features three different size straights and seamless intersections in two texture variations. The first MBV Addons 2.0 models are available now.

Bonus Models

Additional MBV Addons 1.0 models are available as a bonus in this update. The update includes new tinted window garage doors, yellow painted walls v2, and new carpet floors.


Patrons have the option to download everything instantly as a monthly update. Alternatively, the same content is released weekly throughout the month. Make sure you have MBV Addons 2.0 installed before installing the new models. Make periodic backups of your content. Thank you, Patrons!

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