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Map Builder V (Beta)

Map Builder V (Beta)

Map Builder V Beta will bring new opportunities to the project. The Beta will operate as a creative gateway for trying out new ideas. If you have an open mind and have no problem with change, you can witness the project take shape. Be the first to try new models and features before the official release. Map Builder V Beta replaces the Ultimate Package.

Maximum Value

Map Builder V Beta is more than just early access to new updates. I have a lot of content in the vault to share, and I don't want to wait any longer. I'm prepared to offer patrons of this tier frequent rewards for going above and beyond.

Beta Starts Now!

Map Builder V (Beta) is available at the download link below. The Beta won't follow the same version number structure as Map Builder V. What the Map Builder V monthly updates will offer may not match everything in the Beta.

Thank you to the few who go above and beyond to make this all possible. <3

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