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Map Builder V Ultimate Package (2023)

Today I'm launching the next major update to Map Builder V. Updates include an all-new ultimate package, ease-of-use updates for Map Builder V, and more.

Map Builder V - Ultimate Package

Expand beyond Map Builder V with the ultimate package, including all addons and everything available. Features include all 3D models, expansions, extras, VIP, and more. Get the ultimate Map Builder V experience.

Ultimate Package Expansions

The ultimate package includes the complete collection of MBV Addons 2.0 models. Download now for access to over 280+ new models released in 2023. New expansion packs release every few months, with content delivered in bulk. Alternatively, models release each week after an ultimate package expansion. Claim early access to each release with the ultimate package.

Map Builder V - Update 1.01

Update 1.01 for Map Builder V includes ease-of-use changes for new users. Users now have the option to download installation setups for singleplayer, fivem, or ragemp. If you are an advanced user, the custom setup option is available. Customize your Map Builder V installation to fit your individual needs. Also, I removed MBV Addons from the installation setup. Some users don't need this unless they plan to use new releases. The MBV Addons DLC is available individually from Map Builder V.

Weekly 3D Models - Renewed

New models are set to release each week in 2023. Users can expect new model types to switch each month. In the meantime, I'm creating the next wave of content for the end of the year.


I hope you enjoy the upcoming models. I'm working behind the scenes to continue bringing new content. Thank you for the 7 years, patrons.

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