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Map Builder V Update 1.02 (Monthly Updates Return)

Map Builder V - Update 1.02

Map Builder V returns today with the big 2023 content update. Update 1.02 includes 283 new models, expanding over eight concepts. New roads, islands, walls, floors, and various props are available now!

283 New Models Available Now!

  • Roads 2.0

  • Island Creator

  • Skate Props

  • Pool Tool

  • Parking Blocks

  • Offroad Paths

  • Bump Strips

  • Glass Rails

  • Extras

Double Monthly Updates Return

I'm gearing up to release double monthly updates for Map Builder V beginning October 6th, 2023. The new updates expand upon the creative direction of Map Builder V, taking things to the next level.

Map Builder V (2023) - Added to Shop

Individuals can make a one-time purchase for Map Builder V starting today. Map Builder V 2023 includes everything released in update 1.02 and before, featuring a staggering 2,300+ custom 3D models.

Map Builder V - Membership

All Map Builder V members have the new shop download available at no additional cost. Patrons of the Map Builder V tier and higher also receive monthly updates in addition to the download.

Special Thank You!

A special thank you goes out to everyone who was part of Map Builder V development this year. Patrons are the ones who keep the project going. To show my appreciation, every patron from 2023 has their name in the credits at the end of today's video. Download today's update, and please enjoy. We continue our journey on October 6th, 2023. -Omega

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