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Map Builder V - Update 1.03

MBV Addons 3.0

Map Builder V returns today with the first new MBV Addons 3.0 update. The updates showcase a variety of new models, from new house creation tools to fun off-the-wall content. These are Map Builder's most detailed models to date, and when used together, you can seamlessly create incredible looking maps.

Map Builder V - Update 1.03

Beginning with update 1.03, we expand into some familiar territory, launching a complete set of new house creation tools right out of the gate. The new tall walls take center stage with multiple companions. The new roof tools, foundations, and many existing models connect seamlessly together.

  • Tall Walls (2X / 8X / Window / Doorway)

  • Roof Tools (Right Angles / Top Roof / Flashing)

  • Foundations (2X / 8X)

Next-Gen Models

The new tall walls have double-sided textures, allowing you to create an exterior and interior at the same time. Parallax mapping is included with all of the new models, bringing out a natural and realistic effect. Additional optimizations are included for those who use Map Builder V in FiveM.

A Future Glance

The new wave of updates has the potential to expand even further with patrons by our side. This is the first of many updates in the MBV Addons 3.0 series. In the next chapter, anything is possible. Map Builder has been a great stepping stone toward an exciting future. Thank you to the few that make all of this possible!

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