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New Tiers, Weekly 3D Models, Express Install, Builder Vault, & More

After many sleepless nights, I'm finally ready to launch the next stage of Map Builder development. Thank you to our patrons and the community for participating in the numerous surveys and providing constructive feedback.

New Patreon Tier Upgrades

The Patreon tiers will be changed this month to accommodate the new weekly 3D models and Map Builder V upgrades. Both lower and higher Patreon tiers have new features. Keep reading to learn more.

  • Patron Perks > Patron Perks

  • Premium Starter Pack > Weekly 3D Models

  • Builder Pass > Map Builder V (2,000+ 3D Models)

  • Early Access > Builder Vault

  • Omega VIP > Experimental & Unreleased

  • The Omega Archive + VIP

Weekly 3D Models - Season 1

The community wants new 3D models each week. Starting September 16th, 2022, patrons of the "Weekly 3D Models" tier or higher will have access. There are 3D models added every week, while last week's models get added to the Builder Vault. Install the new MBV Addons DLC, and drop in the new files each week.

Builder Vault

If you forget to claim your weekly 3D models, you can access the Builder Vault. The "Builder Vault" tier grants patrons access to all previous weekly 3D models in a single package. Never miss out on new content. The Builder Vault is updated once per month.

Map Builder V - Express and Custom Install

Many of you requested an easy installation method. Patrons of the "Map Builder V" tier can now decide to install through Express or Custom. Express will install everything, while Custom allows you to choose what to install. The new Express installation method requires your game to be fully updated.

Map Builder IV: Redux

Now that Map Builder V is stable, it's time to separate it from the free version. Many users of the free version want to see the return of Map Builder IV. I'm in the process of bringing back MBIV and making it the new free option.

New 3D models post each week for patrons! Thank you, and keep building!

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