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Newsletter - June 2022

Hey patrons! Get ready to add the second story to your house with our new Staircases and Ceiling Openings update, plus much more!

Elite Resource Package - Staircases & Ceiling Openings

Staircases & Ceiling Openings are coming to the Elite resource package! Get ready to add a second story to that build you have. The staircases have an alternate collision system allowing the user to walk right up them. Join us as we continue to expand Elite throughout 2022.

Editions Resource Update

New assets are coming to the Editions resource package this month. Assets include new tracks, cabinets, countertops, and floors. Join us as we continue to expand Editions throughout 2022.

Early Access Update

Get exclusive early access to new assets and updates a month early. Be on the lookout for new early access content this month.

Additional Content

  • Let's Build - New Episode!

  • Progress Logs - New Update!

  • Mystery Teaser - New Teaser!

Thank you, patrons! <3

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