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Newsletter & Updates - April 2021

Welcome back to another month full of new content! 3D numbers, tier extensions, builder shop open, launch season, discovery content, free goodies, disable tool, new website, and more!

Tier Extensions + 3D Numbers Update

I finally got some time to finish porting the 3D numbers to Map Builder. The new numbers will work seamlessly with the existing letters. They all light up at night and are the same size. I have additional plans for letters and numbers later down the road as well. The Tier Extensions Update is also available now including, new content and various fixes. A bug causing Map Builder assets to glow at night is now fixed. Update 14 is available for all Map Builder Editions. View your tier on patreon for additional details.

Builder Shop Now Open!

Map Builder patrons of the Standard Edition level or higher will now receive additional 3D assets every two weeks. This side project opens the door for more frequent content delivery. The released content will consist of new and unreleased 3D assets. Expansions are in the works that will change the course of the Builder Shop content.

Builder Shop Launch Season

Launch Season primarily features previously unreleased content. Users can expect to see many new texture variations that didn't make the initial cut. When I made the models, it was all about keeping the available resources high and limiting the object quantity. The Builder Shop provides the opportunity to share these assets rather than just having them in a folder somewhere.

Discovery Content + Free Goodies

Map Builder Discovery got a new content update earlier this month, adding a few new assets. The content updates will continue until the end of summer 2021 to celebrate five years of development! I have side projects releasing next month for free to celebrate as well.

Removal Tool vs. Disable Tool

Implementing the Builder Shop raised some questions. How should the removal tool be used going forward? How can Map Builder be easily disabled? Questions of that nature. I decided to make an additional option when it comes to removing and disabling Map Builder. This decision was crucial for two main reasons. One, disabling rather than removing, will keep all of the installed Builder Shop items within the DLC. Two, users can temporarily disable Map Builder to free resources for other modifications. The disable tool allows you to turn the DLC on and off like a light switch. Enabling Map Builder is as simple as reinstalling the Database for patrons and reinstalling Discovery for non-patrons.

Our New Website (

The new website is something I've wanted to add for a while. It consolidates things in a way. I'm able to expand beyond the boundaries of other websites. It's a new home for Map Builder and future projects that I have in the works. I had other websites in the past that I ultimately shut down. However, I don't see this one going in that direction. If you would like to support the site you may do so here. All income will go directly towards improving the site and hopefully removing ads in the future.

I can't wait to share even more with you soon. Something new is always around the corner. Thank you, and have a good day!

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