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OKS Real Estate - Available Now!

OKS Real Estate is available now as a bonus for Elite tier patrons.

What is OKS Real Estate?

OKS (OmegaKingStudios) Real Estate features a new evolving map experience with properties, events, and more. This project will continue to expand over time.

Hillside House (Property)

Check out this beautiful single-story home overlooking vinewood cemetery. The Hillside House features a built-in runway and helipad. The interior includes a kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, large study, and main hall.

Showcasing Map Builder V Assets

I created the OKS Real Estate project to showcase Map Builder V assets through videos and images. Along the way, I decided to make the property maps available for patrons. Each map is tested both in Singleplayer and FiveM. Map Builder V will benefit from these creations through consistent testing.

Compatibility / Requirements

All of the Real Estate properties are compatible with single-player and custom servers. Each property requires a set of Map Builder resource packs as specified in the pop-up menu. Install the proper resource packs to avoid any invisible asset issues. Installing multiple maps at once may cause stability issues with your game. (.ymap format included)

I hope that all of you enjoy the first OKS Real Estate property. Thank you for your outstanding dedication to future project developments!

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