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Trio Pack Expansion - Available Now

Trio Pack Expansion:

The Trio Pack Expansion includes the Light Fixtures, Autoshop, and Halloween packs. 21 detailed objects are included featuring minimal lights, fountain lights, flood lights, a car lift, a jack stand, an engine hoist, a toolbox, a utility cart, pumpkins, a witches cauldron, a tombstone, and omega candy bars.

Every Map Builder Expansion is compatible with GTA V Singleplayer, FiveM, and RageMP. The download includes the custom objects listed below.

Included Objects:

  • mbx_pumpkin_carved

  • mbx_pumpkin

  • mbx_pumpkin_carved_lit

  • mbx_tombstone

  • mbx_cauldron_mini

  • mbx_candybar_omega

  • mbx_minimal_light

  • mbx_minimal_light_natural

  • mbx_minimal_light_red

  • mbx_minimal_light_blue

  • mbx_minimal_light_green

  • mbx_minimal_light_pink

  • mbx_fountain_light

  • mbx_fountain_light_natural

  • mbx_flood_light

  • mbx_flood_light_natural

  • mbx_toolbox_red

  • mbx_engine_hoist_red

  • mbx_jackstand_red

  • mbx_utilitycart_black

  • mbx_carlift_red

Thank you, patrons!

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