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Use 3D Models Anywhere! (New Project Coming)

The time has come to move beyond modding and explore new territory. I will begin transitioning into creating high-quality 3D models to use anywhere. Use 3D models in game development, videos, 3D printing, modding, hobby projects, or anything else you can imagine.

Early Access Period on Patreon

Releasing 3D models to be used anywhere is a highly ambitious project. The new models will be of the best quality, while also being considerate of performance. I'll release the 3D models on our Patreon shop page during the initial stages. I'm also working behind the scenes on setting up a new store.

How does this benefit the GTA modding community?

You can still use the 3D models in your GTA modding projects. However, any conversions will need to be done by you. The change adds an even greater value to each 3D model that will be released. For instance, you could take the 3D models and combine them into a single map model using Blender. Dedicated map creators know how valuable it is to have an optimal map for their communities. Also, creators may redistribute 3D models as part of a larger project, such as a game, mod, physical item, and more. Terms and conditions may apply.

Pricing and Subscriptions

I aim to provide hobbyists with high-quality resources at a fair price. All pricing will depend on the complexity of each model. Also, pricing will differ now that the 3D models are accessible beyond a videogame mod. I'll have a new Patreon subscription tier and individual purchase options for all models.

What does this mean for Map Builder?

Map Builder isn't going anywhere, don't worry! The project will continue in 2024, with many more updates to come. I'm putting in maximum effort to provide each project as much attention as possible. New expansions and monthly updates for Map Builder V continue in 2024.

I'm very excited to branch out into new creative avenues with you. Stay tuned for more details and a new website store coming soon! Thank you everyone!

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