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Welcome Creators & Players!


I've spent the last eight years creating custom 3D models for GTA V as a hobby. The project known as Map Builder includes everything I've released throughout the years. The primary goal is to give creators the ability to make custom houses and islands in GTA V for fun. I've always wanted the ability to do this in GTA V, and now it's possible thanks to our incredible community and patrons.

You'll find many versions of Map Builder on the site, individual model packs, and much more. Dive in and create custom houses, buildings, interiors, islands, pools, skate parks, roads and much more.


Let's keep building together!

Patrons are the driving force behind new and upcoming content. If you like what I'm creating, consider becoming a patron for even more. I'll be able to pay the bills and deliver more content each month.

Featured Benefits

Map Builder V

2,500+ custom 3D models

MBX Unlimited

Early Access

Discord Roles

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