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I've spent the last eight years creating 3D models for GTA V as a hobby. Map Builder V's resource volumes include objects for designing houses, islands, racetracks, obstacle courses, interiors, pools, and much more. I've always wanted the ability to create in GTA V, and now that's possible with Map Builder V.


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Toy Tracks Map Builder Expansion
Essentials Expansions - 60 New Neon Letters, 3D Brick Walls, Terrains, and More!
Map Builder V - Volume 1 Trailer (2024)
Map Builder V - Volume 2 Trailer (2024)
Map Builder V - Volume 3 Trailer (2024)
Map Builder V - Volume 4 Trailer (2024)
Map Builder V - Volume 5 Trailer (2024)
Map Builder V Update 1.11
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