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Newsletter - April 2022

Hello everyone! Get ready for the double windows and blinds update this month, plus much more!

Elite Resource Update - Double Windows / Blinds

Look out for the new Double Windows / Blinds update this month! The update includes variations for all current 4th generation walls, plus new ones. Also, new exterior wall extensions are available for the double windows. Last but not least, the blinds provide extra depth for your creations. It's time to take your house building to the next level!

Editions Resource Update

New assets are coming to the Editions resource package this month. New walls are the focal point for the update. Get new textures to expand the uniqueness of your builds. Join us as we continue to expand Editions throughout 2022.

Variety Pack Bonus - Elite Resource

Additional exterior and wall assets are available with the Elite resource update this month. Combine new and existing models to create something unique.

Early Access Update

Get exclusive early access to new assets and updates a month early. Be on the lookout for new early access content this month.

Additional Content

  • Let's Build - New Episode!

  • Progress Logs - New Update!

  • Mystery Teaser - New Teaser!

Thank you, patrons! The year of Map Builder is here!

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