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Newsletter - January 2022

Hello everyone! I'm very excited to share the all-new Map Builder V resource packages with you this month and more.

Map Builder V - Resource Packages

Map Builder V consists of four vast evolving resource packages. Each resource contains a collection of 3D assets and DLC updates. Combine resource packages and create beautiful maps.

Why Resource Packages?

It's time to let the user decide which assets they want for their projects. For the first time, users can install resource packages individually or together. Each resource contains a set of assets from a specific generation.

Expansion and Finalization

Resource packages also promote expansion and finalization. If I want to create an entirely new set of assets, I can do that now. I don't need to worry about limiting what I release or finish.

Elite Resource Package

The Elite Resource Package features the latest generation of Map Builder V assets and updates. The 4th generation of assets includes the all-new advanced collision system and more. Look out for new DLC updates this year.

Double Monthly Updates

New assets are coming every month in 2022 for the Editions and Elite resource packages. Be on the lookout for exciting new updates to expand your creativity further. Assets from each resource package will work seamlessly together.

Development Status

  • Discovery - (Semi-Active)

  • Editions - (Active)

  • Premium - (Semi-Active)

  • Elite - (Active)

Reconnecting with Patrons

I know that I've appeared less active publically over the past four months. I want you guys to know that everything is going very well with development. I needed to take some personal time for my mental and physical health, so I streamlined a few updates. Lately, I've been pulling a lot of late nights experimenting with new things. The amount of content that is coming your way is insane. I can't wait to share more with you. Let's keep building this thing together!

Website - Fresh New Look

The goal was to make everything as accessible as possible with a clean new look. All resource packages, instructions, and additional tools are on the same page. I'm looking forward to receiving feedback about the website. Things may evolve and change over the next several months.

This is just the beginning of what I have in store for you this year. I can't wait to reconnect with all of you. The year of Map Builder is finally here! Happy New Year!

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