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Newsletter November 2023

Hello everyone! I have exciting news this month. Weekly Map Builder V updates, MBX Unlimited, and two new packs of objects are coming this month. Plus, the Halloween pack is available to download for free, and a new Map Builder Silver free update is on the way. Also, check out the price drops and tier upgrades this month.

Weekly Map Builder V Updates

In celebration of the final updates for Map Builder V, I'll release featured updates weekly until February 2024! I'm excited to share this with all of you even sooner than before!

Map Builder V - Tier Price Drop

I'm lowering the price of the Map Builder V tier from $20 to $10 this month. The new tier includes everything from the Map Builder V 1.02 update, featuring 2,418 models. Current members of the Map Builder V tier at $20 are upgraded to the new Monthly Updates tier and will continue receiving updates as usual.

Experimenting with Map Builder X

With the backing of patrons, we can continue to do even more creative endeavors. Map Builder X is the beginning of open-source creation. Rather than an all-in-one project, Map Builder X aims to be a customizable experience. I'm experimenting with allowing users to install objects individually instead of in one big package. Things may change if the installation process proves difficult for users. I have a helpful installation video with detailed instructions on that you can check out.

MBX Unlimited & Free Objects

MBX Unlimited is a new service available for patrons. The new tier gives patrons access to all MBX Packs and objects. Become a patron of the MBX Unlimited tier for $5 a month. I appreciate everyone who pushes the project forward by becoming a patron. However, I understand that not everyone can become a patron. I plan to release some objects and packs for free.

Upcoming MBX Packs & Objects

I have two new packs of objects ready to go. The "Light Fixtures" and "Autoshop" packs are coming this month. These packs feature my most detailed models to date. Also, the Halloween pack is now available to download for free.

Map Builder V (2023) - Shop Unpublished

Map Builder V will be unpublished from the shop only NOT the collections. Customers who purchased the shop item will still have access to it once it's unpublished. I plan on bringing it back once monthly updates conclude to avoid any confusion. I'll be sending this month's updates out for free to all those who purchased Map Builder V in the shop to make up for the change.

Map Builder Silver

The new Map Builder Silver update is coming this month. The update includes 58 blender block objects. If you are already a patron, you don't need the update. Map Builder V already has these models included.

Major Website Upgrade

The website got a major overhaul over the past few days. Go over there and check it out.

Thank you, patrons! I appreciate all of you deeply and I hope that my efforts prove that. I have more on the way for you this month and in the months ahead. Stay tuned!

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