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Newsletter & Updates - August 2021

Hey patrons! It's been a while since I've posted a newsletter. My time has been dedicated strictly to the development process over the last few months. Today, I'm excited to share what's been happening!

Weekly Assets

I've spent the last few months trying out different methods of releasing content more frequently. The Builder Shop concept ended up being more confusing than anything, so I'm discarding that idea. After many late nights, I came up with the idea to release Weekly Assets. New 3D assets are available weekly for Standard Edition patrons or higher beginning August 6th, 2021. Each release will stack, remaining on the patreon page indefinitely. Once we accumulate thirty or so assets, I will add them directly to Map Builder Editions. Weekly Assets will ensure that patrons always get something new while I'm working on the next DLC update.

New DLC Expansions

I'm currently working on four DLC updates for Map Builder Editions. I'm excited to share each one with patrons as soon as possible. The new content is very different and features advanced collisions. The collisions react to the surrounding environment. For example, shooting a wooden asset will result in wood chips fx and bullet holes. Driving a vehicle on ice will result in less traction and so on.

Galaxy's 3D Assets

A new project is launching in August 2021. After obtaining so much knowledge over the past five years, it's time to begin something new. This project will be completely separate from Map Builder. The new project will feature intricate 3D assets such as appliances, furniture, and more. Meanwhile, Map Builder will continue supplying patrons with new structure-based assets such as walls, floors, windows, etc. Galaxy's 3D Assets will have a separate patreon page, webpage, and discord server. I hope doubling down on the projects will serve everyone's individual needs.


Users have reported multiple issues over the last few months. I'm happy to say that I've fixed about 90% of them in update 16. If you still experience any issues, please report them. I'm always trying to improve the project, thank you.

Solved Issues:

  • Glowing assets bug (fixed)

  • Terrain assets popping in and out of scene (fixed)

  • Vehicles fall through assets (fixed, but sometimes disappear due to game)

  • OIV install failure for some users (fixed, added manual install option)


  • Added dedicated server resources

  • Added manual installation option

  • Added disable tool option (temporarily disables the DLC without removing it)

  • Boosted OIV installation time by 70%

  • Optimized DLC - smaller file sizes (2.18GB reduced to 445MB)

  • Added 4K texture enhancements pack

  • Patreon tier updates

I can't wait to share even more with you soon. Something new is always around the corner. Thank you, and have a good day!

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